Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~Article Writers Application Form~

(We will be hiring 3 article writers to write our first issue of # animal prints!)

Before applying, please read below our application rules and agreement:-

Once, you've applied for a Job we've got to go through a process of deciding who is chosen.

You can apply, once or twice to the same application. If you have been already chosen for a Job there's a less likely chance you will get the opportunity again. Reasons:- we would like to give every follower the opportunity they want. If thats just modeling for this magazine or being an article writer. We want to act fair and tell you now. Everyone who is a follower is welcome to apply! * Follow before you apply or the application will be deleted.

Thanks for reading our rules and agreement. If you don't agree to the rules please don't apply for a Job.

~Writers application form~


Stardoll name:

Follower name:

A article or blog you've worked for?:- (otherwise a little paragraph on fashion or stardoll.)

Why do you think your a good writer?

What will you bring to the magazine?

Thank for filling out the form. Good Luck


1 comment:

  1. Name: Lynn
    Stardoll Name: Laura_James
    Follower name:(I don't understand this one)
    Blog I worked for: I worked and i still work for Sassy Stardoll Magazine (82 followers)

    *I think i am a good witter because i do read a lot of Stardoll blogs, real life magazines and i do read books. My English is really good, even tough i am not from USA, England of one of the countries where they speak English. Also, i know a lot about blogger so i never have account problems and i f i do i know how to fix it.. I have experience! I am an active writer!

    *I can bring this blog followers, posts and more.

    Thanks for your time!