Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~Article Writers Application Form~

(We will be hiring 3 article writers to write our first issue of # animal prints!)

Before applying, please read below our application rules and agreement:-

Once, you've applied for a Job we've got to go through a process of deciding who is chosen.

You can apply, once or twice to the same application. If you have been already chosen for a Job there's a less likely chance you will get the opportunity again. Reasons:- we would like to give every follower the opportunity they want. If thats just modeling for this magazine or being an article writer. We want to act fair and tell you now. Everyone who is a follower is welcome to apply! * Follow before you apply or the application will be deleted.

Thanks for reading our rules and agreement. If you don't agree to the rules please don't apply for a Job.

~Writers application form~


Stardoll name:

Follower name:

A article or blog you've worked for?:- (otherwise a little paragraph on fashion or stardoll.)

Why do you think your a good writer?

What will you bring to the magazine?

Thank for filling out the form. Good Luck


Monday, August 15, 2011

Working hard!

We are working hard to pull through the magazine and Make it sucessful as possible!

Thanks for being Patience!

Thanks from and sassy.doll

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We've got our Models!?

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone that has applied for a Modeling JOB!

but, theres always a next time for you.

The Models:-

  • vinnie99

  • MizFashionChick

  • StarMinimon

  • SashaRova

  • sparkleward12


Next we need the Article Writers, now. We already have 1 article writer but we need another 2!

Now, there isn't going to be a big application! And it won't be to hard to get a JOB!

Just a little note for our Models:- Theres an up coming competition, that will be set once one of the models is back from vacation! Now, i'm going to ask a friend to look after my account and this Magazine while i'm away!

My Vacation is: 20th of august intill 26th august. I'll be coming online now and again to check my account and the magazine.

Thats all for now ~Evie~

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Application Form.

We've handed out one application for a Modeling JOB!

But, don't give up yet! Because we thought all the applications so far have been outstanding and very hard to choose from.

This one application, stood out from the others and made us think YES!

you've got the job.

So if you've sent in an application keep looking for a Message or Guestbook comment! Never know you could get the JOB!!!!

So theres another 3 JOBS that need filling in.......

So far we've had 7 applications which is a good amount! And they've all been in very good detail.


Yes, of course you can send in or apply again!

Heres the button:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Competition! :)

or which would you rather have!?

Click to enlarge!

Model Application.

Here is the Application Button for the Models!
Remember its the first 10 followers to complete the Application!
SO HURRY..............

Monday, August 1, 2011



of 1 more follower to GO!

Then, we will start looking for models so, please follow:) and Invite friends!

I will be going through the application form with .Anti.Dot. and then, we will be handing out forms for people in groups of 10.

After, we've gone through the 10 if we agree theres a space left or need one filling in we'll ask for the next lot of forms ok!