This is Appealing Ms Magazine.

Appealing Ms Magazine is looking for the Pretty Girls out there on Stardoll, with unique Taste.

I know all Magazine are a like but we are totally different.

I've come up with the Wildest feature ever, for the 1st Mag.

It will have not been seen by any other magazine before.

Its a tricky but skillful work!

This Magazine is going to hopefully make me proud to have it & although i may of had others blogs/magazine. I keep & work for them if they do me justice and Proud.

I am hoping this Magazine will wow your eyes!

This featured Magazine needed alot of work so i am looking for:

  • Graphic designers

  • Followers :) Please follow if you'd like to see our Featured special.

  • Help

  • Models (not taking models intill July 2nd)