Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'd Just like to Note a few things out:

I've tried my best to work on this blog a lot get it up and running before i start the 1st issue,

I'd like to thank the people so far who are readers or followers of the magazine.

I'd like to hope that my Magazine turns out well but i need support and courage!

I am looking for more graphic designers!

I have decided a theme for this issue: dirty animals.

We need good ugly and pretty medolls

i thought I'd tell you theme now to think of your ideas if you don't already have any,

i thought to get the magazine start off and running before i start a issue.

I am hoping to think about the issue and how its going to work after we have 40 followers (if that's a high expectation) ill change it.

I'd like to start looking for models in July hopefully if we are on time on the 2nd of July.

I'd like to Write soon, so for now bye Evie

Please give me your opinions on the Design and Idea thanks:)

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